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By the way, not the horror movie… but there is a soviet cartoon, based on the Legend of the Book of Thoth. =)

(This is a tale created by animators. BUT, the main character really tries to get the Book out of Naneferka-Ptah’ tomb…)

Even if you don’t know russian language, this soviet animation piece is worth watching.
Enjoy the animated dancers (start at 3:44)

+ noticeable for
satdeshret igamuinacra & satsekhem indeed


I wanna punch this person in the face

FYI: if he breaks a leg or get injured/violented in any way outside school grounds, his teacher could be prosecuted. He/She could be fined, lose his/her job and GO TO FUCKING JAIL. This is because parents are basically entrusting you to another adult and lending them their responsabilities for the duration of the schoolday.

I’m a teacher and this is terrifying. We constantly have to trust that there will be other adults around to check on students and not let them go outside on a whim. The security at my school is pretty subpar and students are CONSTANTLY exploiting this by asking me to exit the class for some bullshit excuse of a motive. Which means that whenever someone genuinely needs to leave the classroom, I have to say no as well and I end up looking like a complete asshole.

Please, next time a teacher does not authorize you to leave the class, don’t take it too personnally. There are other factors than just you at stake, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you. Blame it on the assholes who don’t have the balls to skip school entirely.

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I don’t know if I posted this or not but this is for my eight followers!

AsoI&F AU : Pokemon-style Westeros

I heard someone suggest Westeros as the region of the next generation of Pokemon games. This led us to wonder where the Gyms would be located and who would be the Leaders. If you want to have a good laugh, this is the list so far - I have to say this was strangely easy to write.


Winterfell Gym, leader : Ned Stark (Ice types)

Storm’s End Gym, leader : Renly Baratheon (Electric types)

Highgarden Gym, leader : Olenna Tyrell (Plant types)

Eyrie Gym, leader : Lysa Arryn (Flying types)

Riverryn Gym, leader : Edmure Tully (Water types)

Sunspear Gym, leader : Oberyn Martell (Poison types)

Casterly-Rock Gym, leader : Tywin Lannister (Rock types)

Dragonstone Gym, leader : Stannis Baratheon (Fire types - used to be a Dragon-type Gym before Robert became champion)

Pokemon League Championship Plateau : King’s Landing

The Small Concil of four : Varys (Insect types), Barristan Selmy (Fighting types), Pycelle (Psychic types), Littlefinger (Normal types)

Current Champion : Robert Baratheon (Various types)

Illegal Gyms : Pyke, with Balon Greyjoy as its leader (Metal types) and another held by the Clans of the Mountains of the Moon (Ground types)

Unaffiliated Gyms : Castleblack, with Jeor Mormont as its leader (Dark types), and the nine Free Cities have their own League (with Braavos hosting the Council)

Defunct Gyms : Harrenhal (Ghost types), Summerhall (Fire types), God’s Eye Island (Fairy types), Castamere, Moat Caileen…



Like all orphans, Harry James Potter had to build his own family, one person at a time - the one he deserved. In the end, love prevails over blood.

i enjoy the random picture of Thomas Sangster. (or is it not random and i just missed something?)

He’s supposed to be Ted Lupin, son of Remus and Tonks (Harry’s his godfather, remember ?). He doesn’t exist in the movie so I had to pick an actor for him - tried to color his hair blue/green but it looked hideous.

Yo let me tell you about my girl Hestia - cause, man, she’s fierce, she’s sassy, and she’s having none of your bullshit today, no thanks, sir. The most criminally under-appreciated of all Olympians, to the point that people keep forgetting to include her in the list ever since Plato’s time.

  • She’s the eldest of the family, but also the youngest. She was born first, but her father Chronos swallowed her up, along with her other siblings - save Zeus, who got saved by their mother. When Zeus disposed of his father and freed her siblings, Hestia exited their father last. She is the alpha and the omega, the end and the beginning - she embodies eternity. In a way, she inherited her father’s domain (time).
  • Unlike so many women in Greek Mythology, she GOT TO CHOOSE HER OWN PATH. Poseidon, Zeus and Hades were all arguing about who would get to bone/marry her, but she was having none of that shit. So what does a strong independant woman do, you think ? She goes to the motherfucking river Styx and BINDS HER OWN VIRGINITY TO FATE ITSELF. This means, in layman’s terms, that the removal of her agency and her possession by other men becomes LITTERALLY IMPOSSIBLE. When Hestia wants something, she gets shit DONE. There are other virginal goddesses on Olympus (Athena, Artemis…) but they constantly get groped and harrassed by other men. Hestia made sure that would never happen to her.
  • Keep in mind that in Greek Mythology you do not get to choose who you’re sexually attracted to. Eros is a primordial force that is strongly binded to Fate, as implacable as Night or Chaos. Love is frequently used by Fate to visit unspeakable horrors upon mortals and gods alike and to make them do horrible, terrible things. In many ways, distancing yourself from love is a good thing. You could argue that Hestia becomes the only olympian with a semblance of free will.
  • She told Zeus straight and simple that she would tolerate none of this patriarchal bollocks : if she doesn’t to choose who she bangs, NO ONE CAN. And the best part of this is that Zeus RESPECTED her for it. He proclaimed that in compensation for lack of sex, she would be honored by EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE - in every city, in every home, in every temple, no matter what.
  • She’s actually described as one of the most beautiful women on Mount Olympus. Only Aphrodite can truly rival with her beauty. Hera was only Zeus’ second choice for a wife and boyyy, did Hestia miss a bullet on that one.
  • There are next to zero myths or stories about her. That’s because Hestia is the divine embodiment of not giving a shit. Homer doesn’t mention her once in the Iliad nor the Odyssey. This is probably because Hestia would not pick a side in the Trojan War, such is her absence of concern for her brother’s gajillion stupid semi-mortal offsprings. Besides, all stories in Greek Mythology happen because fate said so, therefore she cannot participate in them.
  • More to the point, she did not take part in the dumbass beauty pageant that started the whole thing either. She knows she’s “the prettiest.” She doesn’t need a fucking golden apple to prove her point.
  • Her function of Olympus is to tend to the divine hearths that receive the offerings the mortals offer to the gods. THIS IS FUCKING IMPORTANT. If Hestia stops doing her job, the gods have no means to determine who worships them or not, who respects them or spites them. She’s the spiritual link between gods and humanity - no wonder she’s so neutral, she has a responsability to tell exactly what happens or all shit gets loose. The only other divine figure who shares a heavier burden, a greater responsability, is Atlas. You know ? The guy who litterally has to SUPPORT THE WORLD ON HIS SHOULDERS ?
  • In Ancient Greece and Rome, every single sacrifice, great or small,  began with an ode to Hestia. It doesn’t matter which god you’re praying to, HESTIA. COMES. FIRST. And for good reason : she’s the one who’s in charge of communication. One of her reserved domains is FOUNDING NEW CITIES. Her priesthood is by far the most respected of all, and the punishments for breaking vows or hurting of her priestesses are the most severe.
  • She is part of the original Twelve Olympians - Dionysos was more of a minor god who later got popular enough to be part of that prestigious group. So around Plato’s time, they made up a myth explaining that Hestia willingly offered her position to Dionysos in the Olympian Canon, to prevent jealousy and divisions amongst the gods. So basically she sacrificed her ego for the greater good and PREVENTED A HOLY WAR. YOU’RE WELCOME, MORTALS. This retcon alone speaks how much moral respect Hestia inspired in the hearts of the Greeks.

Hestia, more than any other diety, is the goddess of standing up for yourself and defending what you value. She will never stumble or be subjected to ridicule. She’s not just the diety of the household; she’s also the goddess you invoke when you’ve got to tell the bitch : "screw you guys. I’m going home.”

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