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Putting the "bi" back into "bigotry" : it goes both ways


To understand the context of this anecdote, you have to understand I work as a surveillant ; basically it’s someone appointed to watch the corridors of a school and enforce discipline on the students when they aren’t inside the classrooms, though we also teach and help them with their homework.

The middle school I worked at is situated in the infamous french banlieue of Paris, a social ghetto with a high emphasis on juvenile deliquancy and cross-cultural problems. Needless to say, the atmosphere amongst the students is as homophobic as you would expect, though it doesn’t stop there. The Jews hate the Asians who hate the Blacks who hate the Arabs who hate the White who despise, er… Any community that’s left, I think. It’s all about “cannibalism” and “terrorism” and “little dicks” and “greed” when they talk to each other. None of them are more than sixteen years old, but it’s almost impressive to see how they perfectly internalized the racism of their olders at such a young age, and despite the fact they’ve always lived in a cosmopolitan environment. Strangely enough, many of them enjoy multiracial friendships ; the casualty and normalization of the racism displayed is what I’m trying to emphasize here.

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